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Less Paper in Your Office

Welcome to BizDoc Storage

BizDoc Storage was created to bring document security to your office. At the same time, we help you get organized and utilize wasted space, bringing efficiencies to your business. Headquartered in Chicago, we can provide services anywhere.

About Our Co-Founders:

Jim Geldermann has been in the computer programming and IT solutions business for over 35 years. He has successfully designed, developed, and delivered over 100 applications.  Areas of expertise include high speed, high throughput, highly secure network solutions.  His early work in mobile computing, developing proof-of-concept projects for Apple, AT&T, and Motorola, has enabled him to develop key tools and applications integral to BizDoc Storage’s solutions.  Jim brings his strong methodolgy skills and frameworks to enable the company to successfully deliver our projects on-time and on-budget, with an extremely high degree of quality assurance.

Steve Geldermann has been a commodities trader, broker and business owner for over 30 years. He brings an attention to detail that was needed to process high risk, high volume, high speed transactions in a zero tolerance error environment to BizDoc Storage. His background in Quality Assurance and repeatable, efficient process is the foundation that BizDoc’s data conversion processes are based on.

Our proprietary software was developed for a derivatives exchange where security, accuracy and speed are paramount. The security and access of your documents are our top priorities.

BizDoc Storage memberships and associations:

ARMA. Visit the ARMA website to see what’s new in the world of records management at:

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