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Less Paper in Your Office

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There are two separate aspects to cohesive records management and governance: Document Management and Records Management. To most people these sound like one and the same thing, but to businesses it should be clear that these are two very separate processes. Both are vital to the efficient operation of a company. Here is an overview of what each entail. Document Management This is how your office processes paper and electronic information flow. What items are archived physically, and what information is archived electronically. How your filing system works.   How you store emails.   It is important to have a consistent plan in place for all of your employees so that information flow processes can be smooth, efficient and continuous. Many offices’ filing systems are thrown together by the employee of the month, i.e. there is no cohesive system in place. Document handling may vary from department to department. In some cases it may even vary from office assistant to office assistant. This can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to personnel change or office consolidation, not to mention the day-to-day inefficiencies that this inherently creates. Studies show that managers waste up to 4 weeks per year waiting for misfiled or lost paper to show up; 70% of retained paper is not necessary for operations or compliance; Up to 5% of all records are misfiled and; Office workers in general waste up to two hours a day looking for misplaced paperwork. It behooves companies to have a stringent and effective Document Management System in place. Records Management This is how your office keeps track of and governs the handling of records from the time of their creation to their eventual destruction. Who created the record? When was it created? Who is accessing records? Who is altering records? Are your records compliant with industry standards? Government standards? A comprehensive Records Management System is crucial to a company to ensure that information is handled properly. It will create an audit trail to ensure that accountability is in place. Where to begin It makes sense to have document management and records management office standards in place for all employees to follow. This will streamline your information flow processes and create numerous efficiencies...

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