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Create Business Efficiency With Cohesive Records Management

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There are two separate aspects to cohesive records management and governance: Document Management and Records Management. To most people these sound like one and the same thing, but to businesses it should be clear that these are two very separate processes. Both are vital to the efficient operation of a company. Here is an overview of what each entail.


Boxes, Boxes, Everywhere!

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If you are like most cemeteries and funeral homes across the state, you represent a small, family-owned business that has sustained itself for multiple generations. When every dollar needs to be used as efficiently as possible, information technology (IT) resources tend to sink to the bottom of the priority list – which not only means you may not have the latest computer system, but you have amassed boxes upon boxes of paper records.


How Scanning Gets Priced

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Have you ever wondered how scanning gets priced?  This post may clear up some of the vagaries of scanning.