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Less Paper in Your Office

Expedite your contract process with cloud-based technology

BizDoc Contracts is a software program that moves your paper-based contract process to a digital system. Don’t ask customers to spend valuable face-to-face time filling out contracts by hand, only to have an employee spend hours deciphering and transferring the information to a computer. When the client fills out the contract electronically, all information is automatically saved so businesses and their clients can access the information in a secure data storage environment at any time.

Don’t change your contracts, change their delivery.

BizDoc Contracts replicates your existing contracts so there is no new format to accommodate or new program to learn. Clients simply fill out the contract electronically on a tablet or desktop computer instead of manually with pen and paper.

  • All contracts are stored on our servers and accessible from any computer
  • Accepts digital signatures
  • Integrates with most business management software
  • Cloud-based storage with 99.9% uptime guaranteed
  • Custom interfaces can be developed with Java, iOS, ObjectiveC, and .net
  • Provides customers with secure access to a PDF of contract at all times
  • No more hand-entering data