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Less Paper in Your Office


Taking the step towards a paperless office environment is a big decision that requires answers to some important questions. Our paper scanning service follows a proven methodology for accuracy and security.

Your documents are one of your business’s most important and undervalued assets. If you were to lose your office today in a fire, how would you recover your documents? They would be gone. Forever. To scan them and store them on your office computer would end in the same result.   Your documents must be protected properly to ensure the smooth continuation of business after a catastrophe.

What about all of the space your files are wasting?  That space could be better utilized.  Digitize your files for better security, better use of space, and better organization for your office.

Our Method

Our scanning methodology has been tested and proven. Our processes ensure that your documents will be scanned accurately and securely, whether it is completed on-site or at our data conversion facility. We utilize rigorous organizational procedures and thorough quality assurance protocol. Using the latest in scanning technology and software, your documents will be digitally reproduced in full color and clarity with 300 DPI.  No more worries about physical deterioration of your data; all documents will be digitized and impervious to adverse climate hazards. All of our employees have been subjected to background checks, ensuring that your documents are in good hands and treated properly.

Your Data

Once your data is scanned and converted, it can be securely stored in our dual, state-of-the-art, off-site servers. Our servers are strategically located so that the chance of loss by catastrophic weather phenomena to both servers is minimized. Our proprietary software was developed for a derivatives exchange where security, accuracy and speed are paramount, protecting your data from hacking. Once your data is stored with us, your physical documents are no longer necessary, and we can see to their secure and safe destruction.

Box Rating

Our box rating system analyzes the time and difficulty of processing each box of documents so that we can provide you with an accurate time and material proposal. Our processes are streamlined using the latest technology; our costs to you are substantially lower than our competitors. We can provide you with a detailed inventory of your boxes and file cabinets, including a general description of the contents of each, allowing you to make an informed decision on which files should be converted or left in storage.

When you digitize your files with BizDoc Storage:

  • Our secure dual-site storage protects your data from weather, climate and other destructive factors.
  • Proprietary software keeps your data safe from hacking.
  • Your office productivity increases with easy computer access to files.
  • Customized security access ensures that only employees with proper clearance have file access.

We will ensure that you gain a thorough understanding of exactly what you have stored and how to use the BizDoc Storage system.