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Less Paper in Your Office

Graduate Students

Graduate students: the list is endless for the important papers you collect throughout your schooling – research, class notes, documentation, experiments, interviews, essays, feedback, and more! One way to make sure these treasured documents are protected and preserved is to digitize them by taking a picture or scan, and saving them on a USB drive or web-based storage for back-up. In reality, managing print and electronic data can be a tedious and disciplined process, so many current and former students keep stacks of heavy, cluttered file boxes and unorganized hard drives.

Electronic data management can make the lives of graduate students as paperless and simple as possible. You can feel confident that all paper files are converted to digital files in the highest quality and are easy to access whenever you need them. It’s time to get rid of the boxes upon boxes of paper files. They are filling up valuable storage space and a burden with every housing move. Learn how BizDoc Storage can scan, organize, and store your body of work today.

Proven Methodology

The BizDoc Storage scanning methodology ensures that your documents will be scanned accurately and securely, whether it is completed on-site or at our data conversion facility. We utilize rigorous organizational procedures and thorough quality assurance protocol. Using the latest in scanning technology and software, your documents will be digitally reproduced in full color and clarity with 300 DPI.  No more worries about physical deterioration of your files, and, once scanned they can be easily searched, organized, and managed.

Friendly Pricing for Students

Our box rating system analyzes the time and difficulty of processing each box of documents so that we can provide you with an accurate time and material proposal. Our processes are streamlined using the latest technology; our costs are budget-friendly.

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