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Less Paper in Your Office

Your clients expect you to know the exact state or location of a decedent.

In fact, the credibility of your business relies on it. With BizDoc SureTrack you never have to question if standard operating procedures (SOP) are being followed. Our secure cloud-based tracking software puts the most up-to-date information at the fingertips of your entire staff.

Turn this standard expectation into a competitive advantage with the improved business efficiency and superior customer service BizDoc SureTrack provides. Our process starts with identifying the decedent at time of pick-up with pictures and environment resistant barcode toe tags. Every time the decedent arrives at a new location or state on its journey to a final disposition, the barcode is scanned, confirming receipt.

A pre-set schedule of your workflow will alert all parties of both the progress and the necessary next steps. And, when a family member calls to ask where their loved one is, you can answer confidently and immediately. No more of the uncomfortable, “I’ll check and get back to you.”

  • Track all changes of custody and responsibility for the decedent
  • Create a comprehensive log of the decedent while in your possession
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers
  • Will integrate with third party management and financial software
  • Ability to securely connect members of the chain of custody electronically
  • Pictures and data are stored on BizDoc SureTrack servers, not on individual devices
  • BizDoc SureTrack is compliant with HIPAA privacy and security regulations

BizDoc SureTrack is here to provide business security and peace of mind. With our software and a minimal equipment purchase, you can quickly be up and running with a reliable system to tag, scan, track, and report.